As the third pillar of Islam, zakat has a great provision in Islamic law due to it great benefit and impact to the Religion of Islam and human kind as whole. To do so, the management of Zakat should be carry out in a proper manner in all of its aspects whether in collection, management and distribution of zakat fund. Hence, it is important for zakat institution and other relevant stakeholders to evaluate and monitor all of zakat management aspects by using a standard measurement. Thus, as the think-thank institution of the National Board of Zakat of the Republic of Indonesia (BAZNAS), the Center of Strategic Studies of BAZNAS (Puskas-BAZNAS) has created the zakat measurement which namely Zakat National Index (IZN) in 2016.

The IZN has been implemented for about two years (2017-2018) to evaluate zakat performance comprehensively in every region of Indonesia within that years. In 2019, in aiming to increase the efficiency in IZN survey, Puskas-BAZNAS has developed an e-Survey of IZN which based on Android Application in its operation to conduct IZN survey in all provinces in Indonesia. As such, the survey will manage in efficient manner. As a consequence, Puskas BAZNAS shall introduced the new technique of IZN survey to all BAZNAS Provinces including in Banten Province.

Puskas-BAZNAS and BAZNAS Banten Province were collaborated to conduct the e-survey of IZN 2019.  Puskas-BAZNAS sent its senior researcher Mr. Abdul Aziz Yahya Saoqi to introduce IZN Survey based on android application in Banten Province. The event was held in Lembaga Pengembangan Tilawatil Quran Banten Province (LPTQ) hall at 11 July 2019. Many of BAZNAS employees (amilin-amilat) in Banten Province joined the training. The Chairman of BAZNAS Banten Province, Prof. Dr. Suparman, appreciated Puskas-BAZNAS for the willingness to organize the training. He said that the e-survey of IZN will assist BAZNAS Banten to evaluate the zakat performance in Banten to be more accountable and transparent.

The event was conducted in two sessions. The first session Mr. Abdul Aziz delivered the presentation of the result of IZN Banten Province in 2018. The score that gained by BAZNAS Banten is 0.65 means that in 2018 zakat performance in Banten province was in good category. The second session, Mr. Abdul Aziz concisely explain on how to conduct an IZN survey based on Android Application. The trainee was expressed their enthusiasm in that training. Mr. Agung, one of the trainee, said that the e-survey of IZN is revolutionary phase of IZN. The IZN application will assist them more easily to input the survey data of IZN in their area.

Rep: Aziz - Puskas BAZNAS