Jayapura, Papua (12/07). In order to complement and expand the scope National Zakat Index (IZN), BAZNAS Center of Strategic Study conducted training on the direction and technical guidance for the IZN implementation to all BAZNAS in Papua province.

Unlike the previous year which collect data through manual process, this year the data collection is performed via mobile application. By using this method, the data collection process become faster, more efficient and makes it easier for zakat Institutions. Besides that, in 2019 Puskas BAZNAS expanded the scope of IZN implementation to all BAZNAS and LAZ in Indonesia, which consist of BAZNAS at Provincial and Regency/City level, LAZ at National level, Provincial level and Regency/City level or a total of 548 zakat institutions.

In his presentation, Puskas BAZNAS emphasized the importance of the National Zakat Index (IZN) instrument as the main measuring instrument to mapping the zakat performance nationally. Moreover, the instrument is also used for evaluation to compare zakat institutions among regions annually.

Currently, the IZN score of Papua Province is 0.64, from the national average of 0.55. With the IZN score details of Macro Dimension and Micro Dimension score are 0,48 and 0.75 respectively, while Zakat Impact Assessment score is 0.85. The score indicates that the management of zakat in Papua Province is good with several recommendations. In 2019, it is expected that all BAZNAS in Papua can increase the IZN Score in all dimension.