When Center of Strategic Studies (Puskas) and Monitoring and Evaluation (Monev) teams visited Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Al Falah in Abepantai, Papua, on Monday, July 15, it was seen that students were having activities around the school. Some students are sitting or playing with friends. That day was the first day of school after a long holiday.

Indeed, the atmosphere was an ordinary and can be seen in all of school environment. However, the location of the madrasah, which is located under the cliff, requires special attention regarding how to handle the disasters that may occur soon. Knowing this condition, in 2018 BAZNAS Disaster Response (BTB) established a program called the Madrasah Disaster Response (Mantab).

The program provides education both for teachers and students on how to handle disasters that may occur, especially landslides from the cliffs. Disaster simulations are also conducted for the teachers and students. Allhamdulillaah, this far no landslides have occurred in the area. However, one teacher admitted that the training has made him understand that the most important thing to do when a disaster occurs is to keep calm, so that they can manage to protect themselves.