Thursday, July 11, 2019. Puskas BAZNAS had been presenting in North Sulawesi to socialize how to use the IZN application. The assembly was attended by the chairman and staff of BAZNAS in North Sulawesi Province. All participants shall download the IZN application at the APPS Store instead of the paper-based questionnaire. The application is still newly launched in 2019 in the hope that it can summarize the existing work. Previously IZN filling was still in paper-based, which the researcher then had to input back into the computer.

In 2018, North Sulawesi Province got 0.62 for IZN score which can be interpreted that the management of zakat institution in North Sulawesi is in good level. The study shows that North Sulawesi has an excellent performance in terms of regional government budget support. Conversely, they have to improve in the part of institutional database particularly at the ratio of the number of muzaki individuals and business entities. It is expected that by using this application, it will make the survey more easier for the participants to fill out the IZN data which will lead to the better IZN results than the previous year.


Rep: Herlin - Puskas BAZNAS