BAZNAS Centre of Strategic Studies (Puskas) has initiated an efficient and effective survey of national zakat performance (IZN) by digitalising the survey. Currently, the apps which is named; ‘Indeks Zakat Nasional’, is downloadable for Android system phone and sooner will be available for IOS system.

Throughout the month of July 2019, the team of Puskas BAZNAS has been conducting the training for BAZNAS in provincial and regional levels of Indonesia. The main objective of performing so is to introduce such innovative step and familiarise BAZNAS nationwide with the apps. Last Thursday on 18 July, the training was held in Solo with the participants from BAZNAS regencies in Central Java, including the host BAZNAS.

The training was delivered by the two members of Puskas team with the audiences reaching to more than 100 officers of local BAZNAS and private LAZ. The main agenda covered the overview of BAZNAS Central Java performance in the 2018 IZN, followed by introducing the recent digital method for the upcoming 2019 IZN measurement. During the training, the participants were enthusiastic and clarified the fundamental issues arisen. 

Briefly, with the new approach of IZN study, the participation of BAZNAS in Central Java is expected to increase and advances its last year achievement. 


Rep: Ali - Puskas BAZNAS