BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies (Puskas BAZNAS) together with BAZNAS of Jambi Province held a training on the use of National Zakat Index (IZN) application for both provincial and city/district BAZNAS in Jambi Province on Thursday (25/07). Conducted at Wiltop Hotel, Jambi, this two-sessions event was opened by the head of BAZNAS of Jambi Province.

On the first session, Irvan Maulana, one of senior researchers of Puskas BAZNAS, gave an overview of IZN and showed the performance of zakat management in Jambi in 2018 as measured by IZN last year. The overall performance was quite good, and it can be improved by increasing efforts in strengthening relations with the local government so that the greater the support of the local government for the management of zakat in each district and city in the entire Jambi Province. The second session was the practical training on how to use the IZN application. Representatives of provincial as well as city and district BAZNAS made account and tried to filled the IZN and zakat impact forms on the application.

With this training, it is expected that each regional BAZNAS can easily report on the performance of zakat management as well as its impact on the target beneficiaries. Therefore, the performance of zakat management in each region can continue to be monitored accurately. Furthermore, the performance of zakat management in each region, and certainly nationally, is expected to be even better.


Rep: Amelya - Puskas BAZNAS