After National Zakat Index (NZI) training conducted in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, Puskas team continues conducting training in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi on Wednesday (31/07). Distance between each cities and districts in Southeast Sulawesi is quite far. In fact, many cities and district located in different island with the capital city of Southeast Sulawesi. Even so, from 17 Cities/districts in Southeast Sulawesi, the participants of the training reached 16 cities/districts. It shows the high enthusiasm of participants to attend the training.

NZI is a measurement tool developed by Puskas on 2016. The tools capture the overall performance of zakat institutions, not only from institutional but also government supporting. Puskas BAZNAS has conducted NZI measurement annually to find out the development of zakat institutions. On the previous year, the measurement was performed manually using paper-based questionnaire. In this year, the measurement will be conducted by using application so that the inputting process can be easier and the data can be sent directly to Puskas database.

The training lasted quite long time from 14.00 to 22.00 WITA. Even though it was late, the participants were still excited to pay attention to the explanation from Puskas team. BAZNAS of Southeast Sulawesi Province also helped the training by actively taking part in discussions to answer questions from BAZNAS City/districts.


Rep: Aisha - Puskas BAZNAS