Kedah International Zakat Conference (KEIZAC 2019) had been conducted on 4 to 6 August 2019, in Alor Setar, the Northern city in Malaysia, Kedah. The conference’s theme highlighted the role of Zakat in the execution of the 2030 global call; sustainable development goals (SDGs), and linked the issue into the industrial revolution 4.0.

A researcher staff from BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies (Puskas) participated in the event, to present Puskas’ working paper in a parallel session. The team elaborated the way a Zakat institution has been responding the emergence of financial technology, or fintech, which BAZNAS was taken as a sample.

As delivered by the team, the three arguments were highlighted which best capture the subject matters. These include; the innovation of BAZNAS in developing its website and its phone-based apps, the engagement with the local fintech firms, and the promotion of quick response (QR) code, which these aim at zakat collection, are the best evidence from BAZNAS representing its adaptive position to the technological changes.

The presentation from Puskas’ team was significant as the substantive materials contributed to the development of Zakat literature. In addition, such knowledge has explored the degree to which a zakat institution has been innovating Zakat collection.


Rep: Ali Puskas