A measurable output from distributing Zakat (religious almsgiving) fund plays a critical role in its success. Such indicator should capture the extent to which a Mustahik (zakat recipients) has been transformed into Muzakki (Those who are obliged to perform Zakat). In this regard, the Center of Strategic Study, The National Board of Zakat Republic of Indonesia (Puskas BAZNAS) is currently developing a concept of Index for Zakat Utilization, which is expected to gauge such measurable output from Zakat distribution.

The team of Puskas BAZNAS has been engaging with the experts to conduct Focus Group Discussion (FGD), aiming at constructing an Index for Zakat Utilization. Among the experts invited in the first FGD was Madam Nana Mintarti, who is BAZNAS Commissioner. Madam Mintarti has contributed to the FGD substantively by giving her practical knowledge. The FGD has resulted in the preliminary index for Zakat Utilization, which the team will further work to finalize its concept.       

The constructed index is expected its implementation in 2020 to measure the nationwide impact of zakat distribution. The index will advance the academics and offer the best method of evaluation, which will credit an applicable recommendation, particularly for Zakat institution.