As the leading institution in philanthropic sectors, BAZNAS joined the 2nd group study of the Sustainability Reporting Training handled by GRI and Indonesian Philanthropic Association. BAZNAS delegated the duty to Mr. Abdul Aziz Yahya Saoqi from BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies (Puskas) to present the training. The event was conducted at UOB Plaza on Friday 23 August 2019  and attended by well-known philanthropy institutions.

The GRI regional country manager for Indonesia, Ms. Lani delivered the training. She emphasized once more about the importance for having an established sustainability reporting to increase public trust. She also pointed out to the prior commitment at the first training, that every member should made a matrix which aligning the institution programs into the SDGs and the GRI standards. At the 2nd working group study, Ms. Lani requires  the members to declare the achievement of each program and aligned it to the match SDGs by referring to the GRI standards. The work should be submitted within two weeks after the event.

Nevertheless, the members also required to declare their indirect economic impact of the program and its management approach on their sustainability reporting. Lastly, Ms. Lani shared her experience at the sustainability reporting forum in Manila in order to lever up our motivation in making a good sustainability reporting.

Rep : Puskas BAZNAS