The National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS) Agam, West Sumatra, distributes zakat up to 231 million rupiahs to 139 mustahiq in that area. Chairman of BAZNAS Agam, Isman Imran said this zakat funds was distributed through several programs, namely “Agam Makmur” program (Rp 49 million) which is disbursed to 26 mustahiq, “Agam Cerdas” program (Rp 82 million) which is distributed to 82 mustahiq, “Agam Sehat” program (Rp 36 million) to 17 mustahiq, “Agam Taqwa” program (Rp 9.5 million) to two mustahiq, and “Agam Peduli” program (Rp 53.4 million) to 12 mustahiq.

"These 139 mustahiq who applied to BAZNAS Agam were spread in the District Lubuk Basung, Tanjung Raya, Tanjung Mutiara, Palembayan and Ampek Nagari. This zakat funds were distributed to Masjid Nurul Falah Lubuk Basung on Friday (3/2)" he said.

He also said that BAZNAS Agam appointed its officer to directly survey the mustahiq’s house. "After that, BAZNAS Agam will determine the feasibility of mustahiq in order to receive the zakat fund," he said.

He acknowledged that this zakat distribution is the second phase in 2017, while the first phase has been distributed to Belakang Balok Bukittinggi City on January 29, 2017. Total zakat funds in the first phase was Rp 162.1 million to 118 mustahiq which spread in Ampek Angkek, Banuhampu, Malalak, Kamang Magek, Baso, Tilatang Kamang, Canduang, Ampek Koto, Sungai Pua, and Palupuh District. Until now, total zakat distribution funds in 2017 is up to Rp 500 million. While in 2016, the zakat funds which had been distributed to mustahiq reached Rp 8.5 billion. "We hope that this zakat fund can benefit the mustahiq and be used properly to their business, education for their children, and other positive things,”said Isman Imran.

One of the mustahiq in Agam, Dwi Rahma Zura (19), said that she was very grateful and appreciate BAZNAS Agam which has given her the zakat. “I will use this zakat fund to pay the school tuition, buy some books, and other things,” she said.