BAZNAS South Lampung provides an assistance for treatment costs of Ahmad Fauzan Albani (4), a patient who suffers hisprung (doesn't have nerves in the anus) and a leaky heart.

Fauzan, son of Khairuddin and Eliya who lives in Kesugihan Village, Kalianda District is quite alarming. Congenital disease since four years ago has made him difficult to do activities as his same-aged friends. When a Chairman of BAZNAS South Lampung, Burhanuddin, S.H.I, with other public figures of Kalianda District visited him (9/2), he could only sit on his father, looked pale and blank stares.

His father hope to take him to the Cipto Mangun Kusumo Hospital (RSCM) in Jakarta, in order to get a better treatment. But, it was postponed since he only got a referral letter to Abdoel Moeloek Hospital (RSUAM) for his son’s surgery. Although the treatment cost was borne by government, the operational costs was very large because it needs three months of special treatment. They did not have money to cover the living cost during the treatment in the hospital.

"I've been grateful for the government attention. This is very helpful. If the charitable funds is enough, I will immediately bring my son to RSCM Jakarta" his father added. Chairman of BAZNAS South Lampung said, “An assistance provided by BAZNAS is still small, but we hope that it could ease them and trigger other people to help Fauzan’s treatment."