The National Zakat Board (BAZNAS) has been recognized as the ‘’Best Zakat Distribution platform and Humanitarian Award category at the Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA), it was conducted in Cape Town, South Africa.

The awards were received directly by the CEO of BAZNAS , Prof. Dr. Bambang Sudibyo MBA CA on Monday, 9th September, 2019.

With Assisted by the Consul General for Cape Town, Khrisna Adi Putranto, Director of BAZNAS, Arifin Purwakananta and Director of Distribution and Utilization of Zakat BAZNAS, Irfan Syauqi Beik.

Commenting on the win, Prof.  Dr. Bambang Sudibyo MBA CA , the CEO of BAZNAS said: ‘’This award is an international recognition of the management of zakat in Indonesia and recognized BAZNAS as a trusted, eficient zakat agency’’

"The world sees the effortN of  zakat management  regarding it  faced several issues  in society, comprised of the economy, health, education and social humanity. I hope this award could  should be encouraged for zakat practitioner in Indonesia as if we are willing to do something good, it will happened," he said .

Through zakat distribution programs, including humanitarian in various regions at local and abroad BAZNAS purposed to alleviate poverty approximately with minimum one percent of the number of poor people in Indonesia each year.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Vice CEO of BAZNAS,  the Commissioners , the Staffs, as well as all amilin (Male Staffin Arabic) and amil – wati (Female Staff in Arabic) for their effort so that BAZNAS received two GIFA 2019 awards for the second time" he replied.

The Director of Zakat Empowerment and Endowment to the Ministry of Religious Affairs to the  Republic of Indonesia, Muhammad Fuad Nasar expressed his appreciation. "Congratulations and may success be with  BAZNAS, which in 2019  BAZNAS has been recognized by the GIFA Awards for the category of Best Zakat Distribution Program and GIFA Humanitarian Awards. Hopefully the award will escalate the BAZNAS’s  performance gradually " he said.

In addition, He said, by winning  the international awards obviously is not our main purposes, moreover  it is  the confession of BAZNAS’s  creation and innovations. BAZNAS should be as a role of best Zakat agency for all zakat institutions.

"The Ministry of Religious Affairs encourages all zakat agency should be focusing on building awareness of zakat and facilitate the ease of paying zakat, both individuals and bussines institution, and distribute  it to those who are needed," he said.

According to Fuad, zakat is one of the pillars of Muslim social finance that provide solutions for well-being issues and overcomes inequality in Socio economic. Redistribution of wealth through zakat, donations, alms and endowments as the evidence of contribution to Ummah for implementing the wirkd economic ballancing.