The National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS) of South Solok Regency, West Sumatera distribute scholarships to six scholars and 38 poor people in Sangir District. The assistance was given by the Head of Family Welfare Guidance Activator Team (TP-PKK) of South Solok, Suriati Muzni in Padang Aro on Monday (13/2). 

Suriati said that zakat recipients have to wisely use the assistance. Moreover, she said, the local Civilian State Apparatus (ASN) is expected to pay zakat through official institutions. 

“The mustahiq that have received the assistance should use the fund well so that it can be beneficial,” she said.

Chairman of BAZNAS South Solok, Bakri Bakar said that for the scholarship, each scholar was given 1.05 million Rupiahs, while the assistance for poor people is 500,000 Rupiahs each.

“This assistance is the first distribution on 2017 and will be continued to other district,” he added.

He said that this year BAZNAS aim to collect 4 billion Rupiahs of zakat fund from ASN and private employees. To date, he said, the zakat from private employees has not been managed maximally and it will be optimized this year. He said that in 2016, BAZNAS distributed zakat fund of 2.4 billion Rupiahs to mustahiq.

“The zakat that was distributed on 2016 mainly for scholarship amounted to 1.1 billion rupiahs with the total mustahiq of 1,090 people,” he added.

Meanwhile, the rest of zakat fund was distributed through “Solok Selatan Peduli” amounted to 801 million rupiahs for 1,552 mustahiq, “Solok Selatan Makmur” amounted to 214 million rupiahs for 146 mustahiq and “Solok Selatan Sehat” amounted to 165 million rupiahs for 89 mustahiq.


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