Along with the increasing amount of investment in Indonesia, it will increase the potential for the amount of zakat. The question arises here about how to be able to open a stock account and study sharia shares and how to calculate zakat issued from stock investments.

To answer this problem, BAZNAS in collaboration with the Indonesia Stock Exchange held a capital market Course on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 in Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Present as speakers were Muhammad Choirin (Deputy Director of the Study, Publications and Network of Puskas Baznas), Dody Prasetya (Head of Sharia Capital Market Investors Development Unit - Indonesian Stock Exchange) and Eka Natha Permana (Sharia Online Trading Education-Henan Puthirai Securities).

During the event, Muhammad Choirin explained the main purpose of the Shari'a of zakat in terms of worship, social and economic dimensions. He further explained the potential of zakat in the country as well as the foundation of fiqh for shareholders; both individually and companies.


This capital market Course, held at the Muhammadiyah University Pontianak Pontianak Main Hall, received an extraordinary reception from hundreds of participants both from students, lecturers, employees and entrepreneurs. This was marked by the enthusiasm of the participants during the question and answer session. Seeing this, Ir. H. Nasrullah Khatib (chairman of the Pontianak City BAZNAS) hopes that events like this can be held in other places, both on campus or other potential places.