Islamic Economics Winter Course 2019 (IESWC2019) held by IPB Agriculture University and BAZNAS Center of Strategic studies, was gained significant attention from both local and international participants. Among the partakers were from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Thailand.

IESWC 2019 which was organized for a week, had provided its students a comprehensive short-courses related to Islamic economics, including the programs of industrial visit. The institutions visited including government and non-government organizations (NGOs). Among the NGOs visited was Kampung Batik Cibuluh in Bogor.

Kampung Batik Cibuluh is located in Neglasari, Cibuluh, North Bogor, Bogor, West Java. The kampong is one of relevant examples for women empowerment initiatives. In the village, a significant numbers of women households making batik with natural resources. The Kampong is also one of The National Board of Zakat, Republic of Indonesia (BAZNAS) program of collaboration in community empowerment.

During the IESWC 2019 visit to the Kampong, the participants were introduced to the initial foundation of the kampong, and walked around the kampong to get exposed to the idea of making batik. The participants also had a chance to create their own hands-craft of batik.   

The visit to Kampung Batik Cibuluh was aimed at equipping the IESWC 2019 students with the hands-on information about the actual example in what way Zakat distribution programs has been promoting the implementation of sustainable development goals (SDGs), notably SDG of reducing the inequality and community empowerment.