Padjadjaran Islamic Economics Summit (PIES) is a national event which is held annually and it is organized by the islamic economics student organization of Padjadjaran University. In 2019, the theme of PIES event is concerning on the issue of the Optimalization of Zakat, Infaq, Sadaqa and Waqf in the Era of 4.0 Industrial Revolution.

One of the activity at the PIES 2019 is a paper competition. As the zakat stakeholder and the prominent global zakat research institution, Puskas-BAZNAS is invited to join the PIES 2019. Puskas-BAZNAS delegates its senior researcher, Mr. Abdul Aziz Yahya Saoqi, to become a jury at the paper competition. The participants of paper competition are coming from various universities in Indonesia.

At the paper competition, all participants are required to present their innovative ideas on how managing Zakat, Infaq, Sadaqah and Waqf (ZISWAF) in the digital era by creating a creative andorid-based application to support ZISWAF management. Hence, the ZISWAF collection and distribution will be effectively and efficiently organized.

At the final stage, the juries selected 6 best papers which is represented by 2 delegations from IPB university, 1 delegation from Airlangga University, Brawijaya University, Telkom University, and Padjadjaran University. They demonstrate their propose android-based application which concerning the optimalization of zakat collection and distribution such as ZISWAF reminder, ZISWAF saving account, ZISWAF for agro forestry and etc. Which hopefully these fresh ideas could implemented to support and improve zakat management in the future.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS