Brebes (05/12) Puskas BAZNAS has developed BAZNAS Welfae Index instrument to assess the zakat impact. In 2019, Puskas has been measuring the impact of zakat in 34 provinces across Indonesia. In that occasion, one of the object provinces is Central Java.  

Survey was conducted on 5 December 2019 at Al Hasaniyah Islamic Boarding School, Brebes, Central Java. During the survey, the number of 30 respondents from the BAZNAS West Java mustahik  came from several districts in the Province has participated. Mostly, the Musthaiks work informally as construction laborers. The team interviewed them directly to gain authentic findings.      

During the survey, BAZNAS Central Java Province provided assistance in the form of training to construction worker Mustahiks in order to improve their skills and to legalize in the form of public construction workers certification from the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, the Republic of Indonesia. From this sertificate, they can take part in government tenders, get construction projects and can be sent as workers abroad. In the future, the Mustahiks are expected to become a professional construction worker, so that they are entitled higher payment.