In each region, BAZNAS has its own story with its mustahik. No exception to BAZNAS South Sulawesi Province. The benefits felt by the surrounding community in the presence of BAZNAS makes their sense of ownership towards BAZNAS fairly high. Once upon a time, when there was a conflict related to BAZNAS land dispute with one of the civilians in Makassar City, the mustahik were ready to defend BAZNAS and make sure BAZNAS would remain standing on that place.

Massive contribution from BAZNAS South Sulawesi has been given to the local people. For example; the establishment of Rumah Sehat (clinic) and Schools for elementary, junior and vocational levels, have been considered to provide enormous benefits for the people there, given the province is known for its high-cost treatment and dropout rates.   

In the context of BAZNAS’ contribution, notably in measuring an objective point, the Puskas BAZNAS team has conducted survey on 18 November 2019. The 30 Mustahiks of BAZNAS South Sulawesi were involved participating in the survey of Zakat Impact Assessment. The results explored the Mustahiks’ perspective on the assistance of Rumah Sehat and Schools. The survey aimed to measure the impact of BAZNAS program to alleviate the poverty through health and education program. It is reflected on the questionnaire which divided into several group of questions to ease the researcher processing and analyzing data.