Puskas BAZNAS conducted a pilot study on Zakat Institution Transparency Index in Jakarta (28/11). The pilot study was conducted in a form of Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with BAZNAS of DKI Jakarta which is represented by Rini Suprihartani the Treasurer of BAZNAS DKI Jakarta. According to her, BAZNAS DKI Jakarta is now shifting its internal management, even so, the recent management is willing to familiarize with the standard in managing zakat.

On the next day, the pilot study was also conducted in Bekasi (29/11). Puskas BAZNAS invited 2 leading zakat organization which are BAZNAS of Bekasi City and BAZNAS of Bekasi Regency. The Stakeholders of BAZNAS such as Mustahik and Muzaki of the two organization was also invited to share their experience on related information they receive from the organization.

This pilot study was conducted in order to measure the level of transparency of zakat institutions. Puskas BAZNAS hope this study can reflect to what extend transparency obligation have been implied by zakat institutions in Jakarta. And consequently, the result can encourage zakat institutions to improve their capacity and credibility in managing zakat fund to improve public trust.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS