Productive zakat is one way to distribute zakat to mustahik. The purpose of productive zakat is to help mustahik in order to improve their welfare independently. By providing assistance, it is hoped that it can improve the quality of their life.

On 2-3 December 2019, to find out the impact of productive zakat in Lampung, Puskas BAZNAS conducted survey on the impact of zakat. The respondents are the farmers of goat and duck. Although the interview was conducted at noon, the mustahik seemed enthusiastic in answering all questions.

One of the mustahik interviewed was Mrs. Tini. She is a duck farmer and has an income around 6-15 million per month. She said that with zakat assistance, she could develop her business. Mrs. Tini also did not forget to pay zakat from the income she received every month.

The survey on zakat impact is conducted annually in each province in Indonesia. The results of these impact assessment can be seen in books published by Puskas BAZNAS. Hopefully, this assessment can be an evaluation material for all programs that have been running or as a basis for planning productive zakat programs in the future.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS