JAKARTA – PUSKAS BAZNAS visited United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) branch Indonesia (27/02) in coordiated working group meeting to support the implementation of Zakat on SDG's programs, as well as for strengthening the network between BAZNAS and UNDP.

The meeting was attended by BAZNAS commissioner Mrs. Nana Mintarti, Deputy Country Director of UNDP Indonesia Dr. Francine Pickup, Ph.D, Director of Center of Strategic Studies (PUSKAS) BAZNAS Irfan Syauqi Beik, PhD and Deputy Director of Zakat Distribution BAZNAS Mr. Efri Syamsul Bahri.

Several points was resulted, among these are synchronization programs between BAZNAS and UNDP in a SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals) mission; Working group to collaborate in "Zakat on SDG's" program; and working group to formulate indicators to measure, evaluate and control of Zakat on SDG's program in Indonesia.

Deputy Country Director UNDP Indonesia Dr. Francine Pickup, Ph.D, highly appreciate this collaboration. Therefore, each party will forward this issue to the stakeholders in each institution. (puskasbaznas.com)