BAZNAS Disaster Response of West Java Province collaborates with BAZNAS Karawang and the local Muspida (council for provincial and lower level government officials) to plant 500 Mangrove trees along the coast of Ciparagejaya Village, Tempuran District, Karawang Regency, West Java.

The activity was attended by BAZNAS Karawang Commissioner, Head of Tempuran District, Head of Ciparagejaya Village, The Indonesian National Armed Forces and The Police of Tempuran District.

On this occasion, BAZNAS Disaster Response of West Java Province conducts mangrove planting that are useful for the community, especially on the coast. Besides useful for preventing coastal abrasion, mangroves can also reduce the impact of tidal currents. In addition, the economic value of mangrove can be obtained if it can be treated properly.

This activity is also part of the environmental conservation program which is one of the concerns of the Disaster Response BAZNAS. The issue of restoring the land use according to its function is one of the Disaster Risk Reduction programs carried out by the Disaster Response BAZNAS.

Public awareness in protecting the environment and the participation of all elements of the nation's children are needed in order to preserve the environment for our children and grandchildren in the future.