The sustainability of clean water and sanitation is significant issue among the related regulators. This issue has been the main concern for non-government organizations (NGOs) such as UNICEF, UNDP and others. The Centre of Strategic Studies, the National Board of Zakat, Republic of Indonesia (Puskas BAZNAS), has also conducted researches related to water and sanitation and published books, working papers, and other related materials as a concern on the issue.

On Tuesday 21 January 2020, Puskas BAZNAS joint a meeting with The Ministry of National Development and Planning (BAPPENAS), and NGOs which are UNICEF Indonesia and Speak Indonesia, discussing some potential collaboration to address the issue on water and sanitation. In the meeting, the participants elaborated upon their background of institutions and the experiences they had on solving the issues of water and sanitation.

The meeting has resulted to a future collaboration plan. In this regard, the participants were agreed to establish the technical guidelines that can assist the stakeholders, particularly the local government, in implementing the SDG 6 (sustainable clean water and sanitation) and WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) of UNICEF in the underdeveloped regions of Indonesia.