(16/01) Despite a huge potential of zakat that is predicted to Rp233.84 trillion, zakat collection in the nationwide of Indonesia is relatively small as of 2019 collection. There are many reasons has caused so. Among them is the ability of muzaki in zakat literacy. This cause has grounded Puskas’ conceptual study of 2019 which is called Index Literacy Zakat (ILZ).

This year, Puskas has appointed the Students Forum for Islamic Economic Studies (FoSSEI), a university student organization exist across the universities in Indonesia, to conduct the ILZ study in the twenty provinces of Indonesia. The aim of this collaboration is to gain upon two points. First, it will give the students a hands-on experience in performing research, and second, it shall test the ILZ and gain relevant data of the subject matter.

The ILZ survey is projected to be carried out in February 2020 with hundreds of students are employed. The result of the study is hoped to bring relevant information with regard to the ability of Indonesian muzakki in terms of their understanding in zakat. Such an information is important to advance the management of zakat institutions.