The International Journal of Zakat (IJAZ) has pioneered the global discourse among academics with its specialty of zakat. Since its first publication in 2016, IJAZ has aimed to lead the global reference for zakat literature.   

The editorial team of IJAZ is now inviting the academics, industry professionals, and other related stakeholders to submit their scholarly works on zakat. The submission aims at IJAZ volume 5 number 1 2020. This issue considers the original works with the main references from the recent books published by the Center of Strategic Studies, the National Board of Zakat, Republic of Indonesia (Puskas BAZNAS).  

The manuscripts that address the topics of financial ratios of zakat institutions, the contribution of zakat to the sustainability of clean water and proper sanitation, a measure of Muzakki’s ability on zakat literacy, and the role of zakat in mitigating the apostasy, are potential for publication in the coming volume of IJAZ.

In addition, the papers that address the development of zakat literature, the use of relevant technology in zakat institutions, the impact of zakat distribution on poverty alleviation, an overview of the concept of ‘Zakatnomics’, the international contribution among zakat institution to address the issue of global poverty, and mapping indicators of Indonesia’s zakat potential, are also considered to be relevant for publication.  

The submission is planned to end on 4 May 2020, and the accepted manuscripts are projected to publish on 22 May 2020. The publication of IJAZ is hoped to benefit the stakeholders of zakat, particularly the academics and the practitioners of zakat.