The report of Outlook Zakat Indonesia 2020 has now officially published by the Center of Strategic Studies, the National Board of Zakat, Republic of Indonesia (Puskas BAZNAS). The report highlights the critical points related to zakat development in Indonesia.

The description of zakat management in Indonesia is first introduced in the report covering the potential of Zakat in the country. This part gives a comprehensive insight into the topic being discussed. The potentials which are measured from both classic and contemporary zakat. In addition to this, the recent development of zakat in Indonesia that captures the digitalizing management of zakat is also included.

In the report, the discussion of Indonesia’s zakat statistics from 2018 to 2019 and the projection of its collection and distribution in 2020 are also covered. Those parts inform an important point the extent to which zakat distribution and collection have been practiced in Indonesia, to which can best ground their prediction in 2020.

Further, one of important topics of the opportunities and challenges for zakat institution in 2020 is also reported. In this regard, the reports highlight upon the critical role of zakat in poverty alleviation that can address the nature of poverty in Indonesia. Additionally, the opportunities of muzakki millennials, the use of Blockchain technology, and the challenges to construct the risk management in digital zakat collection are also explained in the report. 

Briefly, the publication of Indonesia’s Zakat Outlook 2020 has forecasted the administration of zakat in Indonesia within this year.