The young generation is the key to the future of a nation. So what better way to bring forth the nation than to equip them with useful skills? Therefore, Puskas BAZNAS in collaboration with the Students Forum for Islamic Economic Studies (FoSSEI) implemented an in-depth interview training session as part of the implementation of the Zakat Literacy Index. The training session was held at the BAZNAS building on January 23, 2020. There were seven participants in total, all who are FoSSEI members. The FoSSEI members will be responsible of collecting the data for the Zakat Literacy Index (ILZ).

FoSSEI students who attended the training session were from FoSSEI Jabodetabek and will also collaborate and coordinate with the regional chapters of FoSSEI. The students were equipped with knowledge on conducting in-depth interviews. Explanations on what an in-depth interview is, question asking techniques during an in-depth interview, methods of approaching the respondents, and the importance of the Zakat Literacy Indeks were topics of discussion during the training.

The ILZ survey will be implemented in February 2020. The results of the survey will be crucial for reference to future policies and creating awareness of Zakat within the Muslim community. Not only will this information be valuable for zakat institutions, but also for the betterment of the entire nation.