The Center of Strategic Studies, The National Board of Zakat, Republic of Indonesia (Puskas BAZNAS) has been established to conduct researches on zakat to support BAZNAS in making a decision based on scholarly and evidence-based findings.

Puskas BAZNAS is the extension of BAZNAS’s effort in developing a center of strategic studies to propagate the knowledge and intellectual excellence with zakat as its topic of specialty.

In addition to conduct research on zakat, this year, Puskas is also assigned to publish policy brief. The purpose of doing this is to best assist the main stakeholders of zakat in making relevant decision that is applicable for the current cases.

The policy brief published by Puskas has the function of advocacy and recommendation. The very first policy brief published by Puskas on 29 January 2020 addressed the issue of the increase of 900va electricity basic rates, 3kg LPG gas tubes, and BPJS.

The policy brief that can be accessed here (, found that the three components, the basic electricity tariff (TDL) and the increase in the price of 3kg LPG gas cylinders, will directly affect the monthly expenditure of Mustahik because the two items directly influence the increase in Mustahik’s disposable income.

The Policy Brief recommends BAZNAS and other zakat institutions to prioritize the mustahiks who are vulnerable to the price increases of 900VA electricity tariffs and the price of 3kg LPG gas cylinders for relevant assistance programs. Besides that, the Policy Brief also recommends the government of Indonesia to provide incentives to people who are vulnerable to these price changes to minimize negative impact of removing the subsidies.