The first day of Puskas’ working meeting held on Monday, 03 February 2020 in Novotel Cikini, Jakarta had specifically established the institution’s key performance index (KPI) for the year 2020. The KPI planned addresses both theoretical and practical research-based, including the implementation of the conceptual works that were carried out in 2019. The collaboration with the regulator, such as The Ministry of Religious Affairs Republic of Indonesia, and other related institutions, like the National Committee for Islamic Finance (KNKS), is projected to perform in 2020 for more impactful research findings.

During the first day of the meeting, Madam Nana Minarti who is one of BAZNAS’s commissioners, joint the meeting to give her direction for zakat research in 2020. Her talks addressed the recent trend of Puskas’ research that has been addressing macro perspective in terms of measuring the performance of zakat institutions. She is happy with the works that have been done by Puskas and suggests relevant advice for future research. In this regard, she concerns on qualitative research, particularly with participatory methodology with the approach of a case study. The purpose of doing this, according to her, is to come out with the new theory that unambiguously details the extent to which zakat that has been distributed, has changed the behavior of the recipients.

The meeting participants were aggregable to the suggestions for 2020 research. Madam Nana Minarti’s presence at Puskas’ working meeting advanced the working plans of Puskas for 2020.