The annual work meeting of Puskas that held from 3-4 February 2020 in Cikini, Jakarta had maneuvered the Key Performance Index (KPI) of the organization for this year. The President Director of BAZNAS, Mr. M. Arifin Purwakananta, was invited to speak during the night session meeting.

Mr. Purwakananta delivered his presentation that addresses several issues related to zakat administration in Indonesia specifically, and generally in the organization worldwide. According to him, research on zakat has played a significant contribution to the development of zakat management in Indonesia. On this basis, relevant topics of research must be addressed carefully so that the research will drive the practical aspects in zakat management.

Further during his speech, he elaborated his perspective on zakat that can drive the economics activity where Allah subhanahuwata’ala is the main objective of the activity, not the money as currently being practiced in the perspective of capitalism. On this point, he argues that the concept of zakatnomics is relevant for human well-being and is open for public discussion.

In addition, Mr. Arifin who has been experiencing the industry of philanthropy for more than two decades, concerns the working ecosystem in a zakat institution. He suggests the employers in zakat institutions, be it an office director or other relevant posts, to consider the needs of their employees so that the human resources of zakat administration can be well maintained.

Briefly, the session with Mr. Purwakananta was insightful. The participants got to understand the practical issues in zakat institutions, and at the same time, they were introduced to the concept of zakatnomics that is of theoretical importance for the research on zakat in 2020.