Wednesday, March 1, 2017. BAZNAS Pasaman Barat, West Sumatra has distributed zakat to 7,199 people.

"Baznas commit to relieve the people entitled to receive zakat. We care and will continue to distribute to the needy," said Head of BAZNAS West Pasaman, Mr. Manus Handri in Simpang Empat, Wednesday.

He mentioned BAZNAS has five flagship programs. First, the prosperous West Pasaman which aims to help less fortunate people and a charity in West Pasaman, "This prosperous West Pasaman has been implemented with the assistance program in the form of productive capital and consumer help the poor ahead of Eid. This program has been channeled to 6,151 people which amount of Rp. 3.2 billion" he said.

Second is a Smart West Pasaman program to help the education for poor families in the West Pasaman. Currently this program has implemented such as scholarships for elementary, primary school, and university student. "Program for the Smart BAZNAS West Pasaman has been distributed in 2016 to 821 people fisabilillah or which amount of Rp. 1.2 Billion" he said. Third is West Pasaman Health program to help ease the cost of society treatment and the family could not afford in West Pasaman. The program has helped among 178 people. Fourth is Iman and Taqwa program to help improve the quality of faith and devotion are included in the category mustahiq charity in the West Pasaman. Fifth is Assistance Program of wildfire, natural disaster relief, surgical assistance, ibn sabil, gharim and muallaf.

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