Airlangga University (UNAIR) is the first university that is advocated by The Center of Strategic Studies, The National Board of Zakat Republic of Indonesia (Puskas BAZNAS), with regard to the recent research on zakat.

Puskas BAZNAS has set its key performance index (KPI) that is expected to sharpen its aim to be the global reference for zakat literature. Among the KPI that is established for 2020 run is to engage with universities’ students.

One of the programmes is focused on academic discussion that covers the researches that have been done by Puskas, and its on-going research as well. In so doing is to influence the students who interest to conduct research on zakat. 

On Wednesday 20/02/2020, Puskas’ team visited UNAIR to give a talk to its postgraduate students in the faculty of economics and business, notably its department of Islamic economics. The talk began with overview of Puskas, and continued with the researches that have been performed by Puskas.

During the discussion, participants who are Master and Doctoral students were enthusiastic. Even the talk was held after office hour, the session of question and answer was very challenging for the speaker as many questions both technical and fundamental questions were raised.