Environment awareness is growing among the people of Darubiah Village, Bonto Bahari District, Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi. This is likely to happen due to the program conducted by BAZNAS through Zakat Community Development (ZCD) which empower mustahik through waste bank program.

The benefit of the program is felt by Mardin (50), the leader group of center waste bank assisted by ZCD. Before joining the ZCD program, Mardin only worked odd jobs to meet the needs of his family with an uncertain income, around IDR500,000 - IDR700,000 per month.

Since 2017, ZCD has carried out a numerous empowerment programs, one of which is a waste bank for 10 mustahik families. This program happened due to the large amount of garbage that has hoarded in residential areas.

In its implementation, the Mustahik was assisted by ZCD who directly control and supervise the activities, including train the Mustahik in sorting waste. ZCD also supports the program by expanding its market networks, forming the systems and also procuring the equipment and three-wheeled motorcycles to facilitate the mobilization of waste transportation.

Every month, Bira Waste Bank sells various types of waste such as can (paint cans, aluminium, iron) 700-900 kg/month, carton 500-700/kg, plastics 1.5-1.9 tons / month. Currently, the number of Bira Waste Bank customers reaches 300 people. After joining the program, Mardin had an income of IDR1,500,000 - IDR2,500,000 per month. From the bank, Mardin can also to give shadaqah of IDR200,000 to BAZNAS Bulukumba Regency.

Besides Mardin, the local community also enjoy the benefits of waste bank program. Now, the environment is clean, the locals have also realized the importance of waste management.


source: pendistribusian.baznaz.go.id | trans: Puskas BAZNAS