For three days (20-22/2) BAZNAS Tarakan, North Kalimantan,  entourage commit a visitation to Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (BPBAP) in Situbondo, East Java. The visit team led by the Chief of BAZNAS Tarakan Mr. Zainuddin Dalila, the visitation is aimed to learn how to cultivate grouper fish.

Then BPBAP Situbondo is chosen for a comparative study because it’s reputable position as the best grouper culture  also in Asia, "Our visit is related to grouper aquaculture plan which will be developed by BAZNAS Tarakan in Juata Sea, so that we visited the hall breeding grouper fishery in Situbondo to directly observe and learn the best way of grouper cultivation” he said.

Set out of knowledge and experience get in Situbondo, it will apply to the fishermen recruited to carry out the grouper aquaculture in Juata Sea later. According to Mr. Zainuddin Dalila who also served as Chairman of Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI) in North Kalimantan, the fishing hall Situbondo responded positively and promised to provide support in the form of seed aid grouper along with facilitators, “Alhamdulillah our arrival was not unrequited. Situbondo BPBAP party will immediately send officers who will provide assessment and assistance in this program. Even more exciting for us is that the hall will be donated the grouper seed to be developed in Tarakan, "said Mr. Zainuddin.

However Mr. Zainuddin claimed they haven’t known yet the exact number of grouper seed donated, "We don’t know yet how many seeds groupers will be donated to BAZNAS Tarakan. Yes, no matter how we would be received later in essence, we are very happy because this program received positive support from the BPBAP Situbondo, "said Zainuddin.

As reported previously BAZNAS Tarakan for fiscal year 2017 will develop ZCD (Zakat Community Development) programs in the field of fisheries such as grouper aquaculture. The targets marked by BAZNAS among other to utilize zakat through empowerment programs to gain the standard living and economic of poor people. Grouper fish is chosen as ZCD BAZNAS fisheries program in 2017 because this fish species technically has been understood well both by the BAZNAS and beneficiaries of the program, a group of fishermen in Juata Sea. In addition, the market is still fairly promising for grouper, both local consumption as well as export commodities, so that the grouper aquaculture program is considered beneficial.

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