On Wednesday (26/02) BAZNAS of Gresik District invited Puskas BAZNAS to explain various of their studies such as National Zakat Index, Zakat Impact Assessment, Zakat Village Index, Zakat Utilization Index, Financial Ratio, Zakat Mapping Potential Index, Zakat Transparency Index and Had Kifayah to the amil of BAZNAS Gresik. According to amil of BAZNAS Gresik, it is important to understand the studies of Puskas BAZNAS, as it will help them to evaluate and plan the programs run by BAZNAS Gresik.

Besides explaining the concept of the studies, the amil also learned how to calculate the potential of zakat in Gresik District. So far, BAZNAS of Gresik District is the first BAZNAS district/city that has calculated its zakat potential in their area.

The training was conducted for one day at BAZNAS office in Gresik District. To make the training run efficiently and effectively, the amil of BAZNAS of Gresik District were divided into two team, the first team learned about studies related to collection and management while the second team learned about studies related to National Zakat Index and the impact of zakat. As the result, BAZNAS of Gresik District is going to implement Zakat Village Index and Zakat Utilization Index in their programs.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS