On Wednesday, March 4 2020 Puskas BAZNAS and Kemenag RI held their second FGD regarding the formulation of the Shariah Compliance Index for Zakat Management Institutions (IKSOPZ). The FGD was held at Millennium Hotel, Jakarta. The second FGD is an extension of the previous FGD which was held in February. The goal of the second FGD is to further develop the formulation of the indicators by discussing the results of the previous FGD with other experts.

The previous FGD discussed the indicators with various LAZ to obtain their perspective in order for the Index to be applicable for the LAZ. The second FGD invited experts and academicians in order to obtain a different perspective regarding the formulation of these indicators. Among the experts who participated the second FGD were Professor Euis Amalia from UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, Rahmatina A. Kasri PhD from University of Indonesia, Dr. KH Arif Ramdani from BAZNAS Jabar, KH Ali Nurdin Lc. MEI from DPU DT, and Cecep Maskanul Hakim M.Ec from DEKS BI.

All of the experts agreed on the fact that the formulation of this index is crucial for the improvement of Zakat Management Institutions. Clear guidelines will create a uniform standard in evaluating the performance of Zakat Management Institutions and must be regulated directly from the Ministry of Religious Affairs as the central body for all religious affairs in Indonesia. The results of the FGD are targeted to be established and finalized by the end of March under the  approval of the Ministry of Religous Affairs and BAZNAS.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS