On Thursday, February 20 2020, the Ministry of Religous Affairs (Kemenag RI) along with Puskas BAZNAS and BWI held a Training Workshop at Aloft Hotel Wahid Hasyim for the future enumerators of the Zakat and Wakaf Literacy Index Survey. The enumerators are from 14 provinces across Indonesia and are the Agents of Change, a group of Islamic missionaries under the supervision of Kemenag RI. These enumerators will be responsible for collecting data across the 14 provinces of Indonesia. The other 20 provinces are currently being handled by FoSSEI.

The training consisted of three sections, starting with an explanation on the importance of the Zakat and Wakaf Literacy Survey by Mr. Abdul Aziz Yahya Saoqi, followed by an explanation regarding the on field mechanism by Mrs. Hidayaneu Farchatunnisa, and lastly a presentation on the tips and tricks of data collecting through interview by Ms. Arwa Rarasocta. According to Mr. Abdul Aziz, the Literacy Index will determine how deep of an understanding that the general public has regarding Zakat and Wakaf payment. The main target of respondents for this research are Muzakki and Wakif.

After the seminar, participants participated in a simulation session held by the committee. The simulation was aimed to give a hands-on experience to the participants so that they would have a clear understanding on the methods that will be used to conduct the survey and data processing. Currently, the survey is targeted to be completed by early April 2020.  


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS