Zakat in Indonesia has been developed by various stakeholders. One of them is a higher institution that offers a specialises academic unit focuses on zakat discourses. The development of zakat in Indonesia needs to be managed among stakeholders to develop more rapidly and comprehensively, both academically and practically.

On Wednesday (11/03/2020), Puskas BAZNAS visited several prominent universities in Jakarta. They are UPN Jakarta and UIN Syarif Hidayatullah. The meeting was attended by Puskas BAZNAS’ team that includes Puskas BAZNAS Director and Vice Director, and the universities’ representative who is the Dean of the Faculty of Economics UPN Veteran Jakarta and the Dean of the Faculty of Sharia Economics UIN Syarif Hidayatullah along with the staff respectively. During the visit, Puskas BAZNAS offered a research collaboration between Puskas BAZNAS and the Universities.

The meeting was started with an explanation of the work plan of each institution and discussed the opportunities for cooperation. This collaboration aims to strengthen Puskas BAZNAS’ network in developing research on zakat in Indonesia. Also, the campus stated that this collaboration is a win-win solution where students also could be benefited within the form of gaining practical skills in research and more knowledge about zakat.

The meeting was expected to strengthen the network of zakat in Indonesia so that the potential for zakat could be realized to improve the economic development in Indonesia.