On Tuesday (17/03/2020), BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies conducted an online meeting with Universitas 45 (UNISMA) Bekasi. This meeting was organized to establish a communication and collaboration with the university despite that the current condition is not conducive due to Covid-19 issue.

The online meeting was attended by the Director of Puskas BAZNAS and Puskas’ research team, also with the representative of UNISMA Bekasi. In the meeting, the participants discussed the plan to collaborate in developing research related to the effectiveness of zakat campaigns on brands institutional and zakat collection.

The plan of research collaboration will be managed under the protocol that is formulated by Puskas BAZNAS. Hence, the research process that will be conducted is expected to be safe and secure and thus can mitigate the risk of getting exposed to Covid-19, that is currently widespread worldwide.

The collaboration is organized with the aim to advance the development of zakat campaign in raising the awareness in the society about the urgency and impact of paying zakat. Furthermore, such collaboration is an important moment for Puskas BAZNAS and UNISMA Bekasi in establishing a strong network between both institutions. This collaboration is expected to be a starting point for the involvement of UNISMA Bekasi as a prominent university in future research of Puskas BAZNAS.