SOLO – Surakarta Great Mosque received one unit of ambulance from BAZNAS Central Java Province, it aims to empowers community social service activities. The ambulance fleet complement of social services is replacing previous hearse from Surakarta City Government operated since2000’s. Handover of aid ambulance is commited by Governor Mr. Ganjar Pranowo, in a modest ceremony at mosque caretaker office, Wednesday (1/3).

Chairman of the Great Mosque Caretaker, Mr. Muhammad Muhtarom said they needed an ambulance in order to respond to social services, "A lot of people need care by ambulance. These needs are conveyed to the governor during a visit to the Grand Mosque in December last year. Alhamdulillah, we get responded and there is help through BAZNAS", he explained.Mr. Muhammad Muhtarom hoped that the ambulance unit could be useful in social service do by Mosque Caretakerto the public regardless of ethnic background, religion or class.

Less Optimal

"We also hope Surakarta City Government will be willing to upgrade the help of the hearse. Seeing the existing unit is quite old, it’s nonoptimal to serve the community", he added.

Governor admits, during a visit to the Grand Mosque on December 25 last year, he heard such suggestion from the Board of Mosque Caretakerrelated to the ambulanceneeds for social services. "We see tremendous spirit of mosque caretaker, not only for the prosperity of the mosque, but also the surrounding communities prosper. So we response the demand of ambulance, through BAZNAS.We do not want to break off the spirit to help others, only in the absence of an ambulance"saidMr. Ganjar Pranowo. The Governor also hoped, ambulance use later to the general public, regardless of their background. "Use it to anyone in need," he added.

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