Covid-19 has been taking the world by shock. The declaration of Covid-19 as a global pandemic on March 11 2020, by the World Health Organization (WHO), and the circular letter of the President Director of BAZNAS No. 055/DIRUT/BAZNAS/III/2020 regarding BAZNAS Alertness Towards the Spread of Covid-19, have been taken seriously by BAZNAS Center of Strategic Studies.

Puskas BAZNAS as the coordinator and the in-charge of the survey of Zakat Literacy Index has issued a survey protocol as a preventive measure towards the spread of Covid-19. 

Prior to the global issue of Covid-19, Puskas BAZNAS has been performing an ongoing survey for the Zakat Literacy study that requires data collection from a total target of 3.400 respondents across Indonesia.

The survey has been engaging with direct interviews between the interviewer and the participants. With the recent outbreak, such direct contact is seen to potentially put the participants at risk. Therefore, to prevent unforeseen circumstances, Puskas BAZNAS has issued a survey protocol to reduce the risk of Covid-19.

The protocol governs the importance of social distancing, using masks, continuous hand-washing, and the use of hand sanitizers. It also encourages the enumerators to limit the number of respondents that they meet per interview and to stay at home if they feel unwell. The survey was targeted to be complete by early April and this protocol may slow down the survey completion process. However, Puskas BAZNAS understands that the safety of the citizens and the country is much more urgent.