Bank Indonesia together with Puskas BAZNAS conducted a meeting to discuss about the next step of ZCP in Hotel Double Tree (13/03). The meeting was attended by the member team of Strategic Research 2 of Puskas BAZNAS and Department of Sharia Economics and Finance from Bank Indonesia. Zakat Core Principle (ZCP) was formulated by Bank Indonesia and BAZNAS in 2016. The first step of ZCP was to establish the concept of the principles that can be implemented worldwide. There are 18 principles in ZCP which consist of several dimensions including legal foundations, zakat supervision, zakat governance, intermediary function, risk management, and sharia governance. Afterward, the principles should be implemented to zakat institutions to foster zakat management worldwide.

The result of the meeting was the timeline to implement ZCP. In the first phase there will be an assessment of ZCP for a zakat institution as a pilot project to become a “mentor” and “mentee”. The assessment will be transformed as an index to measure the implementation of ZCP. Second phase, the mentor will train the mentee to improve the implementation of ZCP. The next phase, the mentor and mentee will be reassessed to be observed by Puskas BAZNAS and Bank Indonesia. Thus, the management of zakat on their institution is expected to improve in line with the increasing of the index.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS