On Thursday, March 19 2020 Puskas BAZNAS held an online meeting for the Shariah Compliance Index Pilot Project. The intial idea was to directly visit the respondents. However due to the current Work From Home regulation for all central BAZNAS employees and the protocol strongly empahisizing to not leave home, the pilot project was implemented through online platforms.

This online interview was also implemented to contribute to the government’s appeal towards social distancing. The inteview was conducted through Google Meets and was participated by three regional BAZNAS agencies. The BAZNAS agencies who participated in the pilot project were BAZNAS Kabupaten Bogor, BAZNAS Kota Bogor, and BAZNAS Kota Depok.

The Shariah Compliance Index was created as a standard that can be used by all Zakat Management Institutions in auditing their management compliance towards Shariah. The pilot project not only assessed the Zakat Management Institutions, but was also conducted to accept any suggestions from the pilot project participants regarding the applicability of the index. Puskas BAZNAS is planning to continue with the pilot project through online platforms until the COVID-19 pandemic ends. Several other zakat management institutions that Puskas BAZNAS is planning to interview for the Shariah Compliance Index are LAZ Al-Azhar, LAZ Baitul Mal Hidayatullah, and LAZ Dompet Dhuafa.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS