After being implemented for more than 2 years, the Zakat Village Index (Indeks Desa Zakat/IDZ) has now entered the review process. Zakat Village Index is a tool that can be used to assess the eligibility of a village in order to be assisted by using zakat funds. Various facts and findings during the implementation had provided many inputs for BAZNAS to develop this IDZ to give more accurate assessment and more ideal programs.

On Thursday (19/03) BAZNAS Puskas researchers conducted a discussion with BAZNAS commissioner, Ir. Nana Mintarti, MP through Zoom Meeting during the conditions that require all researchers Work from Home. Previously, discussion was also held with the Economic Manager 1 and the Zakat Community Development (ZCD) team of BAZNAS on (4/03) with the agenda to review the IDZ questionnaire in order to further explore conditions in the field. We hoped that after the Covid-19 outbreak is over, IDZ implementation can be carried out by using the latest version of measurement tools.

Lastly, some points to be reviewed are the aspects deepening of the IDZ dimensions which include economic, educational, social-humanitarian, health and da'wah. Each variable is reviewed and deepened in order to provide guidance on what program interventions shall be implemented.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS