On Monday (23/03) and  Tuesday (24/3) Puskas BAZNAS held their second online meeting for the implementation of the Shariah Compliance Index Pilot Project. The first online meeting focused three regional BAZNAS as the respondents. The second online meeting focused on zakat shariah compliance management in LAZ.

Three LAZ participated within the pilot project which consisted of LAZ Al-Azhar, LAZ Baitul Maal Hidayatullah, and LAZ Dompet Dhuafa. All three of these LAZ were interviewed according to questionnare that was created prior to the pilot project. Not only did the interview ask questions regarding shariah compliance, but also regarding zakat transparancy. 

The results of the pilot project are currently being analyzed by Puskas BAZNAS and will further be arranged as a dashboard for measuring the shariah compliance and zakat transparancy of a Zakat Management Institution. If the results are applicable and reliable, this index will be further implemented throughout all Zakat Management Institutions nationwide. This is expected to not only contribute in shariah compliance through laws and regulations of Zakat Management Institutions, but also to uphold shariah values within society as well.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS