Amid COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, the government urges its citizens to stay at home. This appeal also applies to all employees, including the employees of Puskas BAZNAS. In order to operate normally and can achieve its target, the IZN – Zakat Impact Team of Puskas BAZNAS are compelled to work remotely. An online meeting through video call is carried out to maintain coordination and teamwork during the Large-Scale of Social Distancing, including in creating the IZN - KDZ application which continues to be developed and refined before used by BAZNAS and LAZ throughout Indonesia.

The online discussion regarding application development with Aris Munandar (IT Developer) was conducted on Thursday, April 4, 2020. The discussion included the results review of the IZN - KDZ application by the user and also the development of the dashboard and its mobile version. Puskas BAZNAS together with IT Developers will ensure that the application of IZN - KDZ which will be used by stakeholders of BAZNAS, Regional BAZNAS and LAZ in Indonesia is bug-less so that the implementation of the National Zakat Index and the 2020 Zakat Impact Assessment Survey can run smoothly.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS