Recently, Puskas BAZNAS has been conducting a Shariah Compliance Index pilot project to three regional BAZNAS and three different LAZ. The goal of the pilot project was to test the reliability and applicability of the Shariah Compliance Index that was created prior to the project. If the results showed reliability and applicability, the Index would be established and initiated nationwide.

The results of the pilot project varied between results of regional BAZNAS and the LAZ. Several indicators needed to be revised to create a more robust index. The revision of the indicators were not solely reliant on the results of the pilot project itself, but also as a result of several suggestions and input from the respondents of the pilot project.

The indicators are currently being evaluated and revised by Puskas BAZNAS. The final result is expected to be appliable to all Zakat Management Institutions in order to uphold Shariah Management and Shariah Ethics. The final index is expected to be finished and implemented by the end of April 2020.


Rep: Puskas BAZNAS