On Thursday (02/04/2020), Puskas BAZNAS conducted a virtual meeting with the Central Bank of Indonesia, discussing the implementation of Zakat Core Principles (ZCP) in some of the selected zakat institutions across the nationwide of Indonesia.

After formulating the indicators of ZCP in the last few months, Puskas BAZNAS and the Central Bank of Indonesia are to organize focus group discussions with the practitioners and academicians in zakat field. Due to the pandemic issue of Covid-19, the aforementioned processes will be managed via an online platform.

Not only ZCP, in this discussion Puskas and the central bank also discuss further the technical notes of ZCP that is in the development process by Puskas, the central bank of Indonesia and International Working Group as the representative of ZCP. The technical notes, that is formulated based on the ZCP, is expected to be practical guidance in implementing ZCP and hence the management of zakat institutions globally can move forward. This meeting was attended by the representatives of BAZNAS from Strategic Research team 2 of Puskas and representative of the central bank from the department of Islamic economics and finance.