On Friday April 3, 2020 Puskas BAZNAS held a training session to measure the Zakat Literacy Indeks that is currently ongoing. The Zakat Literacy Index was initiated to measure the level of literacy regarding zakat in Indonesia. The index measures the knowledge, actions, and behavior of muzakki.

The mini training session was lead by Mr. Abdul Aziz Yahya Saoqi as the Head of Strategic Research Team 1. The training session focused on the methods and technical aspects of the literacy index measurements using a dashboard that Mr. Abdul Aziz created prior to the research. The training session was participated by the members of Strategic Research 1, Mrs. Hidayaneu Farchatunnisa and Miss Arwa Violaditya Rarasocta.

The training session was conducted online via Google Meet due to the current social distancing and COVID-19 pandemic. Puskas BAZNAS aims to finish collecting the data by early April. The results of the Zakat Literacy Index are expected to be published by mid May.


Rep: Puskas News
Image source: baznas.go.id